NSBA's Position on Federal Funding

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Montgomery County Public Schools/Bill Mills:

NSBA Supports Full Funding of Title I and IDEA Grants

NSBA believes increasing the federal share of funding for education, in particular the IDEA mandate from 1975, as well as funding to address the requirements from Title I and the No Child Left Behind Act. These priorities should be addressed before considering future funding for new programs that have yet to demonstrate effective results.

The focus of NSBA’s advocacy is on maximizing investments in Title I grants, IDEA grants, and other foundational programs. The FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act (H.R. 3547) restored funding for several education programs close to their pre-sequester levels, including Title I and IDEA. However, although partial funding will help alleviate the effects of budget cuts, full funding is critical for our school districts to meet the increasing demands that affect:

  • professional development
  • curriculum development
  • intervention programs
  • course materials
  • instructional changes

What You Can Do

  1. Write a letter to your Representative and Senators in support of maximizing federal funding for educational programs. Recruit at least two other school board members to do the same. Use NSBA’s Legislative Action Center to find your elected officials by zip code.
  2. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper detailing the need to restore federal funding to their pre-sequestration levels. Learn how to write to the media.
  3. Encourage your local school board members to contact Congress and urge them to ask the President to increase federal funding for IDEA in his FY 2015 budget proposal. Here’s how to contact your Representatives and Senators.


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