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Montgomery County Public Schools/Bill Mills:

Restoring Investments in Education

After a $2.8 billion reduction to K-12 programs and Head Start because of sequestration, which imposed across-the-board budget cuts, federal investments in education are being restored.

Enactment of the Bipartisan Budget Act in December 2013 has provided a two-year reprieve and $63 billion in relief from sequestration. Subsequently, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees restored more than 80 percent of the budget cuts to education programs in FY 2014, in an effort to return to pre-sequester levels.

NSBA’s advocacy efforts in championing key programs such as Title I and IDEA grants are critical to maximizing federal investments in education.

Talking Points for Local School Board Members

Use these points to communicate the key issues around federal funding for education to other school board members, the press, and your members of Congress:

  • Federal funding for existing programs that have proven to be effective should be fully restored to their pre-sequestration levels.
  • Key programs such as Title I and IDEA grants are important, foundational programs supporting equal access to quality education and programs for students with special needs.

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NSBA's Position

NSBA supports restoring federal investments in education to their pre-sequestration levels, especially for key programs such as Title I and IDEA. Read more


The focus of NSBA’s advocacy is on maximizing investments in Title I grants, IDEA grants, and other foundational programs. Read more

NSBA's Actions

Read about NSBA’s actions regarding federal funding: letters to Congress, comments, and grassroots calls to action. Read more

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