NSBA’s Actions Regarding Charter Schools

Female students, outside, talking in groups.

Houston ISD/Dave Einsel:

NSBA Supports Locally Authorized Charter Schools for Accountability

NSBA supports charter schools that are authorized by local school boards in their communities. Find out more about NSBA’s grassroots calls to actions.

Federal Legislative Actions

May 7, 2014: NSBA's Letter to the House of Representatives
NSBA letter urging the full House of Representatives to vote “no” on H.R 10, the Success and Opportunity through Charter Schools Act. While NSBA supports Charter Schools, concerns applicable to funding, accountability, and aid for facilities are included.

Grassroots Calls to Actions and Resources

Charter School Research Guide, February 2012
Summary: Charter Schools Research Guide, February 2012
NSBA developed this guide and its summary to help school board members assess the quality of charter research and identify the limitations of its data and findings. It poses several questions that educators and policymakers should ask before making any determination on what the study is actually saying about the effectiveness of charter schools.

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