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Vision for Public Education

Advocacy Institute 2014

A School Board Vision for Public Education

As NSBA moves from planning toward implementing the “New NSBA,” a key priority centers on making the association a more visible, influential, and recognized advocacy organization.

The New NSBA

The new NSBA is bold change, pursued with a sense of urgency, while at the same time, enacted thoughtfully and deliberately.

NSBA’s Unified Framework

NSBA has released its board-approved unified framework —A School Board Vision for Public Education.

To evolve a true “army of advocates” poised to influence key federal legislative issues, public school advocates must be:

  • unified in our messaging
  • proactive in our delivery

Being “on message” is the baseline against which we can:

  • aggressively pursue NSBA’s federal agenda
  • deal with an emerging environment in Congress
  • address critical priorities in education and school governance
  • promote key strengths of NSBA

The unified framework includes:

  • A comprehensive vision statement—A School Board Vision for Public Education
    • A highlights-only “elevator speech” that recaps key tenets of the full vision statement
  • Guiding principles for implementation to frame the development of specific resolutions in three areas:
    • Public Education
    • Local School Board Governance, and
    • Equity and Excellence in Education

Help Us to Move NSBA Vision Into Reality

In addition to better defining NSBA’s role in preserving and advancing public education, this new framework ensures that public school advocates follow the same conceptual vision and guiding principles for implementation.

These important tools aim to inform and guide those working to accelerate our efforts to advance NSBA advocacy positions and priorities.

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