The National Council of American Indian/Alaska Native School Board Members Membership (AI/AN) has several membership offerings from which to choose:


Regular membership

Regular membership is available to any elected or appointed board member of any public, tribal, or contract/grant/charter school, as well as those schools operated specifically for American Indian/Alaska Native students by the federal government (i.e., Bureau of Indian Affairs schools) within the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Dues for regular members shall be fifty dollars ($50) per year. A regular member shall be allowed to participate in all discussions, to vote on all issues, including election of officers, and to run for and hold any office in the Caucus.


Associate (non-voting rights)

Associate membership is available to tribal administrators, educators, former board members and members of the Board of Directors of the National Indian Education Association, and other Indian education organizations. Dues for Associate members shall be twenty-five dollars ($25) per year. The Associate members shall be entitled to all benefits provided to regular members except voting or holding office.


Friend (non-voting rights)

Friend(s) of the Council membership is available to any other individuals who support the purposes and goals of the Caucus as set forth in Article II. Dues for Friend(s) members shall be ten dollars ($10) per year.


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