Through continuous growth and innovation, public schools provide exceptional learning opportunities for over 50 million schoolchildren across the country, and so it comes as no surprise that the PDK Poll again found that K-12 parents give high marks to their children’s local schools.

High standards, accountability and continuous innovation are part and parcel of a high-quality public education. It is with vision and commitment that school boards establish policies, programs and procedures that create the foundation for students’ learning and achievement.

Improving student outcomes, especially in schools in underserved communities, however, requires more than the status quo. With burgeoning student enrollment and the increased needs of a diverse student population, new investments are needed to create 21st century learning opportunities, modernize classrooms and school buildings and recruit and retain effective and adequately paid teachers and principals for every classroom and school. Parents and the general public agree that schools face financial challenges, and for the poll’s 18th consecutive year have named underfunding one of the biggest problems facing their community’s schools.

Public schools, the heart of their communities, have been preparing children for their future for over 200 years. The education provided by public schools has changed the lives of students with special needs, lifted generations out of poverty and produced some of the most notable leaders and makers in our country’s history.

The National School Boards Association believes that every child deserves a free high-quality education and the tools and supports needed to reach their greatest potential. If we intend to continue to grow and innovate as a nation, the needs of our children and our communities must remain our top priority.

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