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Improving Urban Schools: Equity and Access in K-12 STEM Education for All Students

The rate of technological innovation and change has been tremendous over the past 10 years, and this rapid increase will only continue. STEM literacy is the power to “identify, apply, and integrate concepts from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to understand complex problems and to innovate to solve them” (Washington state STEM, 2011, Internet). In order for U.S. students to be forefront of this revolution, ALL of our schools need to be part of the STEM vision and guide students in acquiring STEM literacy.

The Westside Debaters

The Westside Debaters are a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking team at Westside Elementary in Roanoke, Va. The team is made up of fifth-grade students. Established four years ago, The Westside Debate Team helps students to establish and perfect confidence, articulation and presence while speaking. In April 2013, The Westside Debaters were named the recipients of NSBA’s 2013 Magna Award. They are currently researching and exploring the issue of the 60th Anniversary of The Brown v. Board Supreme Court Ruling. Their debate is centered on the theme, “Brown v.

Why Race & Culture Matters

In this interactive session, Dr. Tyrone Howard outlines data that demonstrates the role race and culture continue to have on the educational outcomes of students in urban schools. Drawing from years of research identifying best practices and effective programs, this session will highlight meaningful strategies and approaches to facilitate teaching and learning across racial and cultural lines.

Presenter: Dr. Tyrone Howard, Professor of Education, UCLA

School Desegregation: Learn, Preserve, and Empower

AARP Virginia formed a partnership with Old Dominion University, the Virginia Conference NAACP, and the Urban League of Virginia to collect stories and historic documents detailing Virginia’s historic and often painful past during Massive Resistance and the desegregation of its public schools. Luck will share the interesting travels of this exhibit, lessons learned from the trailblazers of history, and how AARP Virginia finds relevance in hosting listening sessions that spark “healing conversations” in hopes of connecting more communities to help our youth of tomorrow.

“Race” Matters in Education

Superintendent Valeria S. Silva, leader of the Saint Paul Public School (SPPS) District, addresses the role of and need for racial equity in the educational setting. Recognizing that Minnesota has one of the largest achievement gaps (or as Ms. Silva prefers to call it, opportunity gaps) in the country, SPPS began three years ago to analyze and address the systems, values and expectations that perpetuate this gap in its schools. This past year, the district adopted one of only two active racial equity policies in the state. Ms.

CUBE's 47th Annual Conference

This year's annual conference will be held on Oct. 2-4 at the Four Seasons in Miami. As this year's theme "The Brown Imperative: Excellence, Equity, and Unity" comes to a close, we continue to celebrate the successes at CUBE's Annual conference by addressing pertinent subjects, such as the following

CUBE Annual Conference Agenda

Thursday, Oct. 1
7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Location: Regency Ballroom Coat Check

8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

Buffet Breakfast and Overview of School Site Visit 

Location: Regency Ballroom

47th CUBE Annual Conference

Join Us at CUBE’s 47th Annual Conference

Our 2014 Annual Conference will be held on Oct. 2-4 at the Four Seasons in Miami.

The Brown Imperative

As we bring our year-long theme to a close, we celebrate the successes of addressing pertinent subjects such as:

Summer Issues Seminar

Watch highlights from CUBE's 2015 Summer Issues Seminar in Savannah, Georgia.

Where do we go from here? Excellence, Equity, and Unity

July 23 – 25, 2015
Savannah, Georgia

Registration for our Summer Issues seminar is now closed.

CUBE Summer Issues Seminar

The Brown Imperative: Excellence, Equity, and Unity

60 Years Later and Into the Future


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