Database: Sad, Not Bad

Trauma informed care gets students the help they need

Katharine Carter

Devin refused to comply with simple teacher requests. He would choose to sit on the floor instead of participating in class activities, or he would leave in the middle of class without permission.

Devin’s behavior earned him three suspensions and the label of “troublemaker.”

Public Advocacy: Voucher Strategy

Pushing back against private school vouchers

Daniel Kaufman

Until this year, the national push for public funding of K-12 private school vouchers had experienced some slow but modest success. More than half of states and Washington, D.C., currently offer some form of vouchers.

Electronic School: Full STEAM Ahead

Adding the arts to STEM helps students think creatively

Glenn Cook

It’s been a heady couple of years for The STEM Academy at Bartlett Middle School in Savannah, Georgia. In 2015, the academy became the first middle grades school to receive STEM-wide certification from the state. The following year, the program was named the top middle grades STEM school in the country by the Future of Education Technology Conference.

Soundboard June 2017

Electronic School: Full STEAM Ahead
Glenn Cook
A freelance writer and photographer who lives in Northern Virginia. The former executive editor of ASBJ, he now is a contributing writer to the magazine.

Tom On Point: A Student’s Voice

Thomas J. Gentzel

I recently attended a celebration of public schools in Baltimore County, Maryland, one of the nation’s largest school systems. The program was filled with outstanding student performances and reports on the impressive progress this highly diverse district has been making in achieving academic gains for all students.

From the Editor: Testing stress

The other day I received an email from my son’s middle school. As spring testing approached, the email said, school officials were noticing signs of stress and test anxiety among the students. To help them deal with this stress, the school was offering to teach relaxation, stress reduction techniques, and mindfulness.

Technology Dreams Fulfilled

Critical Care

Tech Innovation Showcase companies deliver on ‘what ifs’

Ann Lee Flynn

The Future of Testing

Critical Care

The era of high-stakes testing is over, but what comes next?

Del Stover

Say what you will about No Child Left Behind (NCLB), this landmark legislation left its mark—although not always for the best. For all its good intentions, NCLB will be remembered for ushering in an unprecedented era of high-stakes testing—and for saddling public education with a federal mandate on school accountability that had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

ASBJ - June 2017

The 2017 Magna Awards

RIP No Child Left Behind. The era of high-stakes testing ended with the passage of the Every Student Achieves Act (ESSA). In our cover story, “The Future of Testing,” Senior Editor Del Stover looks at what’s next in testing and assessment.


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