New from ASBJ: Building resilience in Topeka

Topeka Public Schools Superintendent Tiffany Anderson greeted us in the lobby of the district’s Burnett Administrative Center early on a Tuesday morning. Dressed in her trademark white sneakers, skirt and jacket suit, and scarf draped around her neck, she was welcoming and friendly but already juggling the demands of a particularly challenging and emotional week.  


Tom On Point: ‘Stubborn facts’ about choice

Thomas J. Gentzel

Public schools are an institution but they are not monolithic. They come in various shapes and sizes, and offer a range of services to all children who attend, whether in person or online. “Well, of course they do,” you’re likely to say if you are a local school board member, superintendent, administrator, or teacher. Those who are responsible for leading and operating the public education system know all of that. If only the public did, too.

ASBJ - October 2017

The 2017 Magna Awards

School leaders are on the leading edge of reform. They break down barriers to achievement for their students, sometimes against all odds. In this special multimedia edition, the editors chose six school districts that exemplify this spirit of innovation and reform.

No ordinary day

Critical Care

Every school in every area of the country serves vastly different students and communities. While attacks on public schools persist, school leaders and educators work to remove the barriers to learning facing their students. In our October issue, we will take you to six districts who are doing this. Through our articles, videos, photos, and informational graphics, we’ll take you to communities and let you meet the people doing this extraordinary work.

Also online: Thinking Forward

Critical Care

Changing hiring practices is difficult, but essential

Thomas Hughes

Online only: Digital Portfolio Assessments

This tool can communicate information about learning

Chris Besse

When it comes to assessment, communication is everything. It’s the way we make learning tangible and visible to all our stakeholders — whether that be educational leaders, teachers, parents, or students.

Tom On Point: Retractable rights

Thomas J. Gentzel

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, which is home to an estimated 60,000 Amish, people with a distinct culture and a unique way of expressing themselves. Instead of turning off the light switch, for instance, they likely would say that you were “outening the lights.” When it’s raining lightly, it’s “spritzing,” and if someone ate the last piece of cake, well, “the dessert is all.”


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