Technology Leadership Network

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NSBA's Technology Leadership Network (TLN), founded in 1987 and positioned at the intersection of policy and practice, provides the school board, administrators, and the district technology team with resources and experiences to help them make well-informed technology decisions.

What is TLN?

TLN fosters a team approach to technology decision-making, including every level of the district's leadership team:

  • Superintendent
  • Educational technology and curriculum directors
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • School board members

Who Can Participate in TLN?

School districts and education agencies benefit from this remarkable support system.

  • Connect with trailblazers.
  • Navigate today’s most challenging issues.
  • Acquire invaluable resources for using technology in schools.
  • Get the latest information, ideas, and advice.

Why You Should Join TLN

Whether your organization is on the cutting edge or just now beginning to explore technology options, you'll find the support you need in NSBA's Technology Leadership Network.

Thank you to our corporate partner, TechSmith.

What's Inside

Site Visits

Education Technology Site Visits

Visit classrooms and learn first-hand how technology tools and digital resources can create a positive learning environment for all students and increase operational efficiency.

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Key Work of School Boards

Benefits of Participation

Benefits of participation in NSBA’s Technology Learning Network include expert help with education technology advocacy, recent research, professional development, and discounts on NSBA events and selected publications.

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Key Work of School Boards

How to Join TLN

Sign Up for the Technology Leadership Network Today. TLN’s affordable fees are based on your enrollment or agency category. NSBA National Connection districts receive a 50 percent discount on TLN fees.

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20 to Watch

20 to Watch

The "20 to Watch" program identifies emerging education technology leaders who have the potential to impact the field for the next 20 years.

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Technology Innovation Showcase

Technology Innovation Showcase

Become one of six companies selected to showcase an emerging technology product that positively impacts one of four key areas of the K-12 enterprise: teaching and learning; administrative operations; parental outreach; or, community engagement.

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