CUBE Steering Committee option to run from the floor

The National School Boards Association's (NSBA) Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) Steering Committee consists of 15 urban school board members and an immediate past chair from CUBE school districts elected by the CUBE districts. The members serve staggered three-year terms. Membership on the Steering Committee is limited to two full consecutive terms, and incumbent members whose pre- or first terms that will expire in 2017 must reapply to be considered for reelection. A vacancy on the Steering Committee will automatically occur in the event of a member's death, resignation, or the loss of their position as a school board member. In the event of a vacancy, there is no automatic succession to seats from the vacating district (i.e. if a steering committee member from City A steps down, leaves the Steering Committee or his/her local board, individuals from City A do not automatically assume the seat).

Nominating Committee

According to the CUBE Bylaws, it is the Chair's responsibility to appoint a Nominating Committee Chair to receive and screen nominees and select a slate of candidates. The Nominating Committee Chair will select up to four members from the CUBE Council to serve on this committee. The 2017 CUBE Nominating Committee is charged with recommending a slate consisting of at least one nominee for each vacancy on the Steering Committee, with consideration given to the slating of nominees so that regional, gender, and racial balance on the committee is retained.

The 2017 CUBE Nominating Committee will provide notification of its selected slate of candidates to the entire membership 30 days prior to the CUBE Annual Business meeting.  Slated candidates will be presented for election by the CUBE membership at the CUBE Annual Business Meeting, March 25, 2017 at The Hyatt Regency Denver.

Eligibility Requirements

If you meet the following requisites, we urge you to please consider applying to serve on the CUBE Steering Committee:

  • A proactive advocate of urban education;
  • A board member from a CUBE district in good standing with your state school boards association and able to secure the support, financially and otherwise, of your school board and school district to fully participate in the CUBE program;
  • Able to commit to the time, travel and expense necessary to attend the four Steering Committee meetings held in conjunction with CUBE’s conferences each fiscal year including an Equity Department Retreat in the summer; (NSBA/CUBE will underwrite some of your expenses);
  • Willing to make a three-year commitment to improving urban education through service to CUBE as a Steering Committee member.


Any individual board member from a CUBE district in good standing with their state school boards association may seek a position on the Steering Committee so long as he/she adheres to the following procedures:

  • The candidates considered by the Nominating Committee will be notified by January 20, 2017, advising whether or not they were/were not slated.  If a candidate is not slated but is interested in running as a candidate from the floor, the notice will also state that they must advise the Director of CUBE of their intention to run from the floor by February 20, 2017.  Assuming the candidate has properly submitted their completed application form, curriculum vitae, and letters of support for the Nominating Committee's consideration, no further action beyond this letter of intent to run from the floor will be required.
  • Candidates who did not submit the required application materials for consideration by the 2017 CUBE Nominating Committee may run from the floor by submitting a completed online application to run from the floor by February 20, 2017.  At this time, candidates must submit all the materials required of candidates (i.e., the application, curriculum vitae, and letters of support).
  • Candidates who choose to run from the floor under these procedures will appear on the ballot and will be given the same privilege as candidates slated by the Nominating Committee to address the CUBE voting delegates and otherwise conduct their campaigns.  No candidates other than those adhering to the procedures outlined above will be eligible to run for a Steering Committee seat at the CUBE Annual Business Meeting, March 25, 2017.

Note: All requested information for consideration must be submitted electronically to by close of business February 20, 2017, at 5pm.


Applicants for Steering Committee vacancies are asked to secure the support, financially and otherwise, of their school board and school district to fully participate in the CUBE program.  Only those persons -- with the support of their school district and board -- willing to make the commitment of both time and expense should apply. (CUBE will cover some costs to attend its meetings).

The application, along with a curriculum vitae and letters of support, will be used by the Nominating Committee in their selection process.  Your application may be reviewed by the CUBE Steering Committee to fill any vacant seats prior to the March 25, 2017, business meeting as stated in the CUBE Bylaws.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deborah L. Keys at 703-838-6742 or via e-mail at

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