NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys Honors Long-Serving Counsel to Rockdale County (GA) Public Schools

March 20, 2015

Nashville, TN  (March 20, 2015) - The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) Council of School Attorneys (COSA) honored a veteran school board attorney who has provided exemplary service to his school board employer and the school law community at the 2015 Annual School Law Seminar. Forrest Jack Lance is receiving COSA’s Award for Distinguished Service in recognition of over thirty years of outstanding service to public schools, the profession, and the mission of COSA to “improve the practice of school law…by providing leadership in legal advocacy for public schools.”

“We are proud to honor Jack Lance for his years of service to our organization, and the school law community at large.” said Gregory J. Guercio, COSA’s Chair.  “Jack has served COSA at all levels – presenting at our seminars, writing for our publications, serving on our board of directors, and offering wise advice for less seasoned school attorneys on many sticky issues.”

Lance has made countless contributions to the practice of school law at his district and at the national level. At his district, he collaborated with the superintendent to develop and implement “Legal Literacy for School District Administrators: Essential School Law,” a research-based training program for school administrators. He has contributed numerous pieces of writing to COSA publications on issues from procurement to copyright, and a hard-hitting look at ethical issues faced by school attorneys titled “Philosophical Reflections on the Pursuit of Truth and Justice.” Lance served on the COSA Board of Directors from 2006 until 2010. 

Lance noted, “I consider my membership with NSBA/COSA and GSBA as vital to the success of my representation of the Rockdale County Board of Education. Fortunately, the Board also recognized the immense value that NSBA/COSA and the Georgia School Boards Association offered me as its school attorney. Being a member of COSA was like being a member of a vast law firm with almost 3,000 partners committed not only to representing school boards and school districts across the country but also supporting other school attorneys.  This care for the success of public schools and the success of other school attorneys across the country is the reason I am proud to be associated with COSA.”

Guercio noted: “Jack is a passionate school board advocate, a respected legal expert and a true counselor.  Our members have reaped the benefit of his wisdom for years; we are so pleased to be able to offer a small token of our appreciation.”

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